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Razer Wildcat vs Razer Wolverine

  • 3 June 2022
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I'm kind of stuck on competitive controllers right now. I started a few years ago with the razer wildcat, and to this day, I love it. problem is, the price keeps going up on them and they aren't going to be manufactured again, and I've already been through 4. A year ago I tried to find a new controller and tried the wolverine, but I kind of hate it. Most of the wolverine is similar enough for me not to complain but they completely redid the ABXY action buttons on the wolverine, The wildcats action buttons felt light, had a really small drop zone, and were incredibly responsive. the wolverines felt heavy, have a long drop zone, and aren't as responsive. Kinda prevents me from going with the wolverine.

On that note, I'm looking for a new controller. I really like how razer has the triggers and bumpers(extra bumpers especially) set up on the wildcat and wolverine, and I love the feel of the ABXY action buttons on the wildcat. Sticking with razer, I haven't tried the raiju yet so let me know if its any more like the wildcat if you've tried it. But any controller suggestions would be great. Thank you! also the main game I play is Rocket league if that helps.

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The buttons of the Wolverine are semi-mechanical buttons (a mix of mechanical and rubberdome). The Wildcat had fully-mechanical buttons.

I think they will use the same button technology for the next controller(s), as long as it hasn't a major weakness.

I myself also prefer the fully-mechanical buttons because of the better feedback feeling (and maybe they last much longer).