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Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox Controller [PC]

  • 26 March 2019
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Afternoon everyone.

I read some reviews and ended up deciding to purchase a Wolverine Ultimate controller for PC games. Mainly, because it was my understanding that there are six remappable buttons. All I am looking for is a way to push-to-talk in Discord using one of the back buttons, but it appears you can only remap the typical controller buttons, which feels really limited... especially after spending $150. I'm about to return the controller and go back to using my old Xbox 360 controller, but I wanted to ask some questions. First, how do people feel the quality of this controller is and does it last? I use Razer products for a lot of my PC gaming, including four Tartarus v2 that I went through in less than a year because the joystick kept snapping off when using the "forward" button. The mice tend to last a year or two, depending on how much I play. Second, does anyone know a way to remap this six unique keys to something on a keyboard, like alt, ctrl, etc?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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As an owner of A Tartarus Vs, Trinity, Blackwidow TE, Kraken TE and Goliathus, I was about to take the plunge on this until I realized you can't rebind any key or macro to it. Such a shame.

Seems you can with the Xbox elite controller though via third party software, so it might be what I end up going for.


Sadly, it seems this software can't support the Wolverine due to ' those additional buttons are reported to the system in a very tricky way'


Maybe Razer will add support for Synaspe 3 on it one day, or at least release an updated version that does.