Razer Wolverine V2 M1-6 buttons are not usable as separate buttons but absolutely should be. | Razer Insider

Razer Wolverine V2 M1-6 buttons are not usable as separate buttons but absolutely should be.

  • 19 December 2021
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TL;DR The extra buttons should be mappable and they literally show up as unique controller buttons in Windows.

Let me start by saying I absolutely love Razer products. Every one I own is built like a tank and works perfectly at a reasonable price. In my experience, hardly any other peripheral manufacturer delivers good after great products like they do, especially at the bottom tier of their product lines. Sure, other manufacturers make great products too, but Razer's consistency and quality is unparalleled in my personal opinion. That is why a severe lapse in judgement like this is just mind-boggling from them. They may not always make perfect software but honestly its a far cry from some of the other configuration utilities I've used at times (looking at you software that rhymes with "Lie-Glue".) (Not sure if I'm allowed to mention them here and also that's kinda fitting you gotta admit.) Now onto the baffling issue at hand.

The extra buttons on the Wolverine are exposed to Windows as Xinput buttons as shown here but have no way of being used as such. There are clearly 6 extra buttons completely unaccounted for. This is completely bogus. Not only should they absolutely work this way, they are literally listed in the controller interface as separate buttons. But yet they cannot be used this way. At best this is a massive oversight, at worst this is a massive scam. Who needs the buttons they already have on their controller accessible in two different places? I mean I guess that could be convenient at times? But nothing beats 6 extra completely customizable buttons.

Why did you do this Razer? I could understand it for console which wouldn't even support any buttons but the default array but on PC? Is it because you use the same config utility for Xbox and PC and haven't bothered adding the option? Or is something else going on here? Otherwise this controller is phenomenal, I've never held a better controller in my hands ever in my life. All the microswitches are just beyond pleasing to operate.

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2 Replies

Here is a crudely labeled version of the original screenshot.
Hello, how can i map this 6 buttons to some action on a a game, for example on rocket league.