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Wolverine Ultimate XboxOne

  • 10 July 2019
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Bought myself an Ultimate controller, which one is awesome when its working. First controller broke into 4 months of use (RT got stucked) and razer replaced it with a new one. I was soo happy for next two weeks till that one broke too (just died on me, cant connect it), and no replacement for that one. Allways been in Razer cult, allways had and still have razer keyboards/mouses/headsets, but now it just seems theyre overpriced for the quality (180£ you can get a console itself). Im not a hard core player on console, controller wasnt used that often, specially the replacement i did use like 5 times the most. So anyone who thinks get a controller look somewhere else, either the controller will let you down or customer service. And theres noone who will repair it either, just to let you know
Thank you razer, but its time to leave you and look somewhere else.

Thought to post a thread after reading this https://wccftech.com/data-shows-razer-is-struggling-to-attract-pro-esports-players/ and its down to quality not a price tag

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If you needed help, you could've just asked instead of driving down the salt mines. I would like to check why the warranty team wouldn't replace the second one so feel free to send me a PM once you calm yourself down. But consider this thread locked for violating the House Rules.

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