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Wolverine V2 Sound issues XBOX Series X

  • 21 February 2024
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Sorry if this has been answered already, but I did not see anything relating to this. I’m running my Xbox series X into my home theater audio system. It’s a 7.2.2 system and I’m playing games that are encoded with Dolby Atmos, Forza horizon five.

Everything is great when I’m using my razor wolverine, V2 controller, until I plug a headset in to use for party chat. Once I plug, the headset in my Xbox will only output stereo sound to my home theater speakers. As soon as I unplug the headset for my wolverine it changes back to Dolby Atmos. As a test, I did the same thing with the XBOX standard wireless controller. When I plug my headset into that, the audio remains outputting Atmos to my HT system, as it should. So this is an issue that is specific to the razor Wolverine V2. 

I have changed audio settings around via the Xbox menus, and when my headset is plugged into my razor, it will not output anything but stereo, even if I try to select it from the Xbox menus. 

Has anyone else come across this issue and/or found a fix for it? I like the feel of the controller, but I will be returning it if I can’t play games in surround sound while in a party.


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