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[Giveaway] Neverwinter: Undermountain

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Claim your Patrician Fashion Set to get you started on your adventure.

Something is brewing in Undermountain and we're looking for adventurers to get to the bottom of it. Razer has grouped up with Perfect World to bring you exclusive in-game items for Razer Insiders. Neverwinter's biggest expansion for PC introduces a new level 80 cap, a complete overhaul of class powers and feats, new Adventure Zones, a new Endgame dungeon, and much more!

Remember to thank our friends at Neverwinter for their generosity to the community! Join the giveaway here.

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Yup still works.
This is great! I'll try it
If each new mod had its giveaway, i'm still waiting for such due Uprising
Thank you for the key you rock.
I dont have a p.c but thankyou!