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"1337" Signature Black Items?

  • 8 March 2019
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I came across someone selling a few of the signature black items on ebay and was curious if there's any information anywhere on exactly what these were (part numbers, etc.), and if there's anyway to know if what they're selling is real.

I'm generally aware of the items existing in the wild, I'm just trying to find some way to verify before i buy.

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The experiences I've had shopping on eBay for rare Razer stuff has mostly been positive. Only problem so far was buying a pair of Moray earphones that was a knock off, but that was my fault for not looking further.

While obvious to some, make sure the seller posts the original packaging in the pictures as well as the xxxx/1337 sticker to verify authenticity.

Some items, like the Razer Chroma Coaster, can be registered after purchase as well and that serves for me as another big point of knowing you got legit items.

I, too, would be interested in a list, year by year, of when these signature items were released if anyone can point to it. :rolleyes:

Here's another thread where most are mentioned w/photos.