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2FA problem

  • 2 August 2023
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Hi, I'm trying to purchase an item using Zsilver and it's asking me for a code sent to my phone, but I'm not receiving anything, I tried going to my account and changing to enable using my phone, but ask for the same code that never arrives on my phone, anything that I tried on my account ask for the same code.

I tried contacting the support on the chat, but they dismissed me saying that problem with gold or silver I have to send a ticket, great help no one seems to answer, now my silver gonna expire in 6 days and I won't be able to get what I want,

Can someone here help me with that?

Thank you


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Hello , I read about your problem i just want to tell you that you should follow some key points i provide you here:


Double-check that you have entered the correct phone number in your account settings. Make sure there are no typos or errors in the phone number.Sometimes, verification codes can be mistakenly flagged as spam or end up in the junk folder of your email. Check these folders to see if the code email has been sent there.If you have tried the above steps and are still not receiving the code, consider reaching out to the support team again. Politely explain the situation and the troubleshooting steps you have already taken. Ask them to look into the issue and provide assistance.As the support team suggested, you may need to submit a ticket to the appropriate support channel for your issue. This will help escalate the matter and ensure it receives attention from the appropriate team. As your Zsilver is set to expire in 6 days, it's important to act promptly. If you are unable to resolve the issue before the expiry date, include this information in your support ticket to explain the urgency of the matter. While it can be frustrating not receiving timely support, remember that support teams often receive numerous inquiries, and it may take some time to address each one. Be patient, but also be persistent in following up on your issue.


I hope You like my answer , Thank you.

Dude, my number is missing the correct country code, but I did a lot of shopping before that, it didn't make any mistakes, I always got the code, why is it like this now? 

I have the same problem but the answers you got didnt work what can i do?