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Any Razer Keyboards with secondary key lighting??

  • 24 February 2022
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I currently have a Blackwidow Chroma and I am searching far and wide for a Razer keyboard that illuminates the secondary keys. I like to work/play in the dark and I often have to turn on the lights to find the secondary symbol on a primary key.

Are there any Razer keyboards that illuminate all key symbols (including secondary). A full size keyboard with a num pad is also important because I also use my PC use it for work.

Thanks for any input or advice!!!!!!!

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5 Replies

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All new Razer mechanical/opto-mechanical keyboards have secondary characters illuminated.
Also you can upgrade keycaps only on your keyboard with these:
Thanks dude!! The pics I'm seeing on the web are deceiving. It's hard to see if they symbols have back lighting or not......but I'll take your word for it and order one today.
I spoke too soon, FiszPL. I think you're misinformed:

I am a poor typist with fair vision (No old jokes, please.) I don't have all of the keys (and symbols) memorized like I wish I did. I do have to stare down occasionally. I really need (or could really benefit) with lights under the secondary keys. Not just for gaming, but for composing documents and other work stuff, but apparently the LED placement would make the overall design less appealing. I totally understand, but I am sure that it is possible....if not already in existence. Has anyone seen this? It doesn't look like Razer makes one. Maybe, there is just no demand for it.

and FiszPL, the key caps you mentioned look like they just make the keys thicker and more durable, not brighter or change the layouts of the individual keys, but I appreciate your reply.
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BlackWidow Elite is not a new keyboard.
With "new" I mean every BlackWidow V3 series + Huntsman V2 keyboards: There are few keyboards like BlackWidow Lite, Huntsman Elite that doesn't contain backlight on secndary characters.

PBT Keycap set is more durable because of PBT instead of ABS. They'll be NOT brighter, but they provide backlight to secondary characters (and that's what are you looking for).

If you want "brighter" keys (more Chroma) check Phantom keycap set:
They also have backlight on secondary characters.
Thanks again FiszPL. I think I am going with the Huntsman V2 Linear based on your feedback and my review searches.