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Best razer keyboard (In your opinion)

Curious to find out what the community thinks the best razer keyboard is instead of only looking at specs and prices. Leave a comment on your favourite keyboard and why it's the best in your opinion.

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Razer Blackwidow elite because it has the best price for the best hardware
Huntsman TE, although i have it and im still using Blackwidow Elite, my pick is Huntsman TE
I must have looked everything in the world and settled on the BW Elite after a torrid time with the K95 Platinum. Needless to say it was a worth change.
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I love the BlackWidow Elite like all these other peeps here.
I haven't tried many keyboards from Razer, but I would definitely say that the Razer Blackwidow Elite is really something. I love the durable design and how the key feels. I would also recommend it to someone who rages alot too. Seriously, is this the new Nokia???
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I've had a BW V2 in the past it served me well, can't deny it, but now i'm using a Hunstaman Elite and gotta say i like it, was some sort of improvement when i change to it.
Currently rocking the Huntsman Elite and loving it. It looks amazing and I am a huge fan of how the keys feel and sound. The wrist rest is amazing; honestly don't know how I went so long without one. The media controls are great and I use them more than I thought I ever would. They only thing I would recommend is getting the TE if your on a budget, because you are going to want to swap out the key caps for the new PBT ones if you go with the elite (Pretty sure the TE comes with PBT key caps).
I really like my Blackwidow Chroma V2 with yellow switch, I bought it purely for gaming performance, I needed few weeks to get used to typing, also it's non-native layout makes me press Enter instead of Á sometimes. I knew that I would get sensitive switches so that's not a complaint, just a reminder. It's gaming performance is great and precise.

But I still would love an anti-fatfinger feature, like when you haven't touched your keyboard for a few seconds, it doesn't let some designated keys to act if pressed first. It would make me and maybe others not to press Q with the W in spawn room. Haha.
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I'm fond of the Blackwidow Elite.
The passthrough and the media keys make it a must have.
BW as well. Although mine has the macro keys unlike some of the newer keyboards. Curious as to why did they do away w the macro keys?
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BW as well. Although mine has the macro keys unlike some of the newer keyboards. Curious as to why did they do away w the macro keys?

Because with Synapse 3 you can make each key a macro one.
Paired with Hypershift it makes dedicated macro keys less interesting.
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For a fully functional, full suite keyboard, the BlackWidow Elite was my favorite. The media keys were a game changer for me.

But now I use a BlackWidow Lite because I'm superficial and like my space. Hahaha.