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Chroma too much power?

  • 3 May 2019
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Hello fellow Razer-ites!

So, over the past 6 months I have purchased the Blackwidow Quartz Edition Keyboard, a Deathadder Elite mouse, the Wireless Nari headset and most recently the Base Station Chroma. (Gone a tad Razer crazy...)

When setting up the last one, I initially had the lights going. Then my USBs started to disconnect and reconnect. As one of the USBs is for my wireless, it was rather frustrating. I quickly guessed as to the issue and removed the lighting option from the Base Station and everything now seems fine.

Has anyone else had this issue? Too many lights flashing on devices = USBs disconnecting? Thoughts? Comments?

Thank you!


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It depends what hardwere you have on your pc and what psu you are using also what kind of power draw you have when the issue start. Remember that base station is a usb hub without own power brick and it's draw power from psu. I you want to find where is issue i will suggest you to cheack the power draw on motherboard app or get external app and see what pasu power draw is when issue appear. It can also be a motherboard safty mode behawior or windows usb controller issue. Start with cheacking psu 😛