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Classic Mice, Keyboards, Gaming Keypad, Etc.

  • 6 July 2022
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How about some "classic" Razer product releases?


- 19 programmable button wired NAGA along the 2014/2016 design, but with updated internal hardware inside.

- The old Blackwidow keyboard with the five left side macro buttons on it.

- The 2013 or 2016 Chroma Tartarus with basic plastic hand-rest, but again, with updated internal components (Nostromo hand controller?).

- etc.

You saw what happened when Blizzard released Classic World of Warcraft: it was wildly popular. I bet there is a market for "classic" peripherals too. People are nostalgic and these products are already essentially developed and they weren't as intricate as some of the current products so the costs of production and thus the prices can be kept low and appealing.

This would satisfy players that would love an updated version of their favorite peripherals and also profit Razer at the same time. A win-win for everyone. If successful, Razer can launch a classic line every 5 years or so.

Just an idea. Thanks for reading!

Releasing a Classic line of Razer peripherals would be an exciting addition to the gaming community?

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2 Replies

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