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Does RAZER still offer true over ear headsets?

  • 16 September 2022
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I bought the Kraken v3 pro last month to replace my aging man o war headset and noticed the moment I opened the box that this new headset wasn't a true over ear headset like every headset I've bought the past 20 years.

I've asked everyone I could at Razer if this is the new size they are going with on all headsets from here on out or not, but haven't received any kind of answer.

This seems to be the last place I can ask.

Has Razer gone to the "one size fits most" style like every other manufacturer out there or is this size reduction only on the kracken v3 pro?

I'm asking as a concerned patron of Razer since it directly effects whether or not I can remain a customer. The previous size allowed me to wear their headsets for up to 18 hours, but the new size has forced me down to about an hour due to the discomfort of pressure on my ears.

Hoping someone has an answer, thanks

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