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Earning Silver on Insider

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Spoiler: Razer Gear
Keyboard Razer Blackwidow 2019
Mousc Razer Basilisk Essential
Spoiler: Battlestation
AM3+ AMD FX 8320 3.70Ghz Turbo 4.0Ghz AM3+ GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P REV 2.0
GigaByte NVIDIA GEFORCE GT420 2GB 128bit Ram 16Gb Kingston 8GB 1600Mhz x2
Thanks for the post! Very clear and useful 🙂
Thank you for sharing!
New to Razer Insider. Very good info
i hope soon will be fix
Hi i'm a newcomer and nice guide there. Respect.
Appreciate if i can get some likes and followers for the achievements, thanks alot 🙂
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Hi, I'm new here

Welcome gamer!
Hi, I'm new here
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Hey Jenjar,
I have followed you but I haven't got the achievement for following a Vanguard. I'm also waiting for the achievement for voting for paid to play games (I voted for the games for the mobile app), as well as achievements for liking a post and using Synapse 3. Usually I get the achievements right away or soon after. I guess some are broken (in addition to the linking Facebook achievement). Can Twitter still be linked? I can't find where to do it.

Edit: Only waiting to get the achievement for participating in the Synapse 3 beta.
I'm new to Razer Insider bust so far seems like the community is doing everything in its power to welcome new comers and I appreciate all of you!
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Any in particular? Send me a PM if you have any broken achievements, I may be able to get a couple fixed for you, depending on what they are.

Will send a pm tomorrow if i still don't have the ones due from today.
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Does anyone else experience a delay with the achievements being marked as completed? For example I voted on this months Paid To Play around ten minutes ago, and it still hasn't come up as completed? And other ones, E.g: giving a like, have.
Anyone else?
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Handy to have all in one place..maybe the link could be edited to go directly to the achievement claiming page on insider rather than the razer website?
I never get my silver right away for some reason i think the website is a bit laggy
Thanks man that really gave me an idea on the acheivments

oh yeah! i'm close to redeem cynosa pro with my silvers!!!! 5000 remaining!!

hope you can get it :3 GL
This was exceedingly helpful - thanks!
oh yeah! i'm close to redeem cynosa pro with my silvers!!!! 5000 remaining!!
Hi I registered my razer products but I did'nt receive any razer hardware achievements
I will try it out, thanks a lot!
Thank you:wink_:
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I just tried some of them that I had not done yet and are not working automatically or were not detected. And I can't connect Razer to twitter and facebook, I don't find that option in any pannel.
It took me a little bit too, but eventualy it registers
Would have been totally lost without this guide as I'm very new to the silver game. Thanks!
One thing I have noticed is that I have not recieved a reward for having a mercury white keyboard yet, I recieved the reward for the keyboard but not for the mercury white.
It will be helpful if razer insider can give notifications on what needs to be done to get more silvers. Like a tip tool + notifications and get folks moving.
Really useful guide.

I know need to follow up on why my avatar is not set and why my headphones do not show or register here.