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EU/USA *Differences*

  • 13 December 2019
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Greeting every one
I living in EU/Spain and i'm so happy there are some company just like Razer to think well about gamers and make business go but sadly i'm so upset about that Razer make some offer just in USA like this blackfriday and Christmas which RazerPhone was about 500$ cheaper or even laptops but at this time there were no offer at all in Spain or other near countries.

I was a big fan of RazerPhone but the price is actually to high plus there were no offer at all this year also,so far so good always wished to get Razer laptop but still as i told prices to high in EU.

In other side i knew about quality and productivity which is Razer doing absolutely well and it deserved high prices and good feedback but when there is a big difference between region make a lit bit hard to decided about it.

Hope in future Razer make this out and make marketing do better.

It was a pleasure.


What is your opinion about :"razer make deals also in europ?"

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