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Gaming Peripherals & components

  • 22 October 2021
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I want to get two AMD Radeon™️ RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite Limited Edition Graphics Card one for streaming & the other for gaming if that's possible.

& I Like the RazerCon2021 announcements that are coming out & looking forward to getting one because I want to upgrade my gaming peripherals into your products. Because I still have a Xbox 360 & you guys still have the Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller for Xbox 360.

& in the future I'm really looking forward to build a Gaming PC & a Streaming with Razer components.
I’m interested getting one of your products & I like the products that You guys make because your products are very interesting.

I'm a small streamer & a content creator & also I'm a Multi-Platform Gamer that plays on the Xbox One, the PS4, the PC, & the retro consoles & I play different types of games from different gaming platforms.

Any suggestions on any Razer Products?

& I live in the south of México & also do you guys shipped to Mexico?

& I have a nice day & Razer & take care.

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