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how to deal with sweat

  • 13 December 2019
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I played 3 months in winter and it was okay and than my hand started to sweat in summer, even one time my hand sweat - on bottom on skates are created spots, which cause friction and mouse is unusable... I touch it only with clean hands and even clean it with microfiber cloth and cover it during night to reduce dust cover and it still sucks. There is so much friction i can't even click building... I was supreme master class in cs go and in top 1 masters in sc2 and i played on complete garbage mouse yet, which had insane friction. Pros get hundreds of mousepads and mice from sponsors and it is not even me other people say already after 2 weeks mouse and mousepad suck, isn't there any better mouse feet and mousepad, this crap is so inferior, it has no endurance. I don't have millions to buy 1000 mice...

And yet i saw razer trolling with frictionless mouse, this doodoo got me so angry, i will spam you everyday until you make mouse, which doesn't suck... I have no control, it is unplayable for me, so canc3r...

At lest if there was something i could do, what about silicone spray ? It should protect surface from dirt and shouldn't leave spots. There was something called glide dot from steelseries, but i don't know what they give to that and it is not selling anymore...

Anyway how to reduce friction, this is so annoying...

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5 Replies

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Sounds like you need to invest in a fan or go to the doctor to get yourself checked out if you're sweating that much.
Wrong assumption, i am not sweating that much, even small amount is problem...
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The hardware isn't the problem. Check the humidity, maybe it's 100% or something way too high.
Again still no mention of the actual mouse he is having a issue with, and yea if you sweat enough to cause a issue for the mouse you need to go see a DR....

not to mention all this guy posts is about how much he has issues with anything razer, to much resistance with the DA cord, to much friction because he probably has cigarette ash all over his mouse pad with tiny burn holes in it and everything, Trolls gonna Troll. if you don't like ANYTHING they have to offer just go find a brand that actually suits you instead of constantly complaining
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Yeah. I feel like it's probably a troll account. :cool_: