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How to fix DPI on a deathadder (drives me nuts!)

  • 18 April 2020
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I have a deathadder elite, and what I want is to have the DPI fixed to 2800 no matter what button I press.

For this I used to open synapse, delete all of the sensitivity stages but one, set that to 2800 and I was happy.


Recently I reinstalled my OS and with that came an update synapse, in which I also configured the sensitivity like described above, and despite that this method was working previously, now when I accidentally press the sensitivity up/down buttons my DPI changes.

I am like very outraged, because it happens a lot when I'm playing FPS and it drives me nuts.

What the f@&k are you doing there at Razer SW development???

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1 Reply

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Try disabling the buttons completely if you're not going to use them, I think that'll fix it.