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I have a keyboard ideal... stay with me on this one

  • 18 July 2019
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Hello razer community and admins

My names Jeremy I have razer everything except keyboard, I even bought two razer gaming controllers the wildcat and wolverine and wouldnt have it any other way for controllers. Soo back to the keyboard thing.

I am using the steel series merc stealth ... there is literally no other keyboard like it on market today and was discontinued in 2013. I am still using mine from 2010 I refuse to let it die until suitable replacements can be found. The gamepad on this keyboard is phenomenal. And I was hoping you fine people would be willing to work on something like this keyboard there is a market for it, lots of people online looking for one like it. There was a petition with thousands of signatures. Steel series has refused me directly. So now I'm reaching out to other companies. Steel series Merc Stealth ... I would love to complete my trip of gaming peripherals with a razer keyboard.

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