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Improvement or suggestion for barracuda x 2024

  • 7 August 2023
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So I recently purchased barracuda x 2022


If razer is willing to launch a upgrade of it or a new headphone with other name I have some suggestion

1) the cable which are charging type c cable , usb A to type c female port cable and the 3.5mm cable in the 2022 are like flexible cable but non braided . NEW GENERATION can be braided which gives durability and also a great look 

2) the headphone 2.4ghz type c recieved is too small which likely to be get misplaced or get lost because of it size . NEW GENERATION can have maybe like anything like a hole next to it so I can be hooked like a keychain or something or maybe the recieved can have a gps hope so easy to find if lost

 3) newer generation can have a better noise cancellation and a good backbone cause when I whore them and shake my head 90° and the headphone weng flying to the other corner of room like it got winds 😅

 4) extra pairs of earpads or replacement earcaps of headphone 

Though I loved the headphone all the things of headphone I love is the headphone it self will be willing to the buy the white version which I could buy but next time for sure

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