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Is Project Valerie Still A Thing?

  • 30 January 2020
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Can't find anywhere to actually purchase the 3 screen laptop on the landing page

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Sadly most (if not all so far) of Razer's concepts at CES over the past several years have not come to light since, and there has not been much news on any of those projects since they were first announced.
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Unfortunately it’s only a concept. It’s the most beautiful laptop setting imo, together with Blade Pro keyboard and trackpad placement (sorry left handy:smile_:) is my dream setting. Unfortunately now most Blade internal screen are controlled by cpu igpu which means it’s impossible to DIY the Valerie with Blade screen to run 3 monitors gaming. And with better GPU nowadays I’m waiting to see project Valerie becoming a real product, well it’s only a dream:big_grin_:.
Thanks for the answer guys. I've been looking for alternative options:

Packed Pixels Go and 4k
Mobile Pixels Duex and Trio

However, there is something sketchy about each. I'm a bit surprised there is no legacy solution here. All these are some Kickstarter projects it seems and may not ship for another few months (or years). Is there any solution you guys would recommend? This can't be a "new" idea/problem.