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Leviathan v2: here we go again

  • 17 April 2023
  • 5 replies

the power button on my leviathan v2 is flashing green. what's wrong

5 Replies

I’m sure you have figured this out by now, but in any case for others having the same issue -- like myself starting up the computer this morning to the flashing green power LED.

Turns out that simply meant the soundbar was muted, toggling the sound back on it returned to static.

I'm sure you already know this, but just in case: when I turned on my computer this morning, the power LED was blinking green.

Turns out that only meant the soundbar was muted; turning it back on resulted in the same static that had been present before.

I'm sure you've already found this out, but just in case there are any other people suffering the same problem -- like myself this morning when I turned on the computer to the blinking green power LED.

Has anyone figured out how to disable this blinking light? If I can’t I’m gonna have to return it. Rip. 

The flashing green light on your Leviathan V2's power button indicates that the soundbar is in mute mode. To turn off mute mode, simply press the volume up or down button.