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looking to upgrade my ram need advice/help (heard there was some issues with ppl)

(* Si c’est relevante j’suis francais aussi, tu peut me communiquer dedans, j'suis Quebecois lol Montreal babyyyy, Anglais Quebecois mais quand meme 😉*)

So I am an AI Engineering student, and I am looking to upgrade my ram (not rly for gaming for school/work), wouldn’t normally have issues with that but I heard ppl have had problems even following the guidelines/etc. So thought I’d come here to ask the prob more expertise than the experts ppl here lol. I don’t really need it for gaming like I said, not sure if it makes much of a difference. I am a broke @$$ student so price factor is relevant, but I prefer quality over cheap pricing, I want the best I can get to maximize the length of time my blade will remain effective for my schooling and work. I am just looking to put in another 16g or even better two new 16gs if they’re better than the stock one, or even better than that a new 32 or 2x32s if the price isn’t so bad.

I would really appreciate the advice/help on what my options are, your best suggestions, or even just what I need to look out for purchasing (for the record I do understand mostly the technical aspects, Ghz, latency and so on. But I have never bought ram before so I don’t know that much about the specific installation details or about ram suppliers/products/etc). As I said before I am a student and not one coming from a good financial situation so I would most definitely appreciate the help/support a lot lol. I don’t really use these forums (although I will check back here) you can also email me at justin.a.tbox@proton.me (one of just over literally 20 of my emails so don’t worry bout me posting it online, its literally just for stuff like this). Thanks ya’ll! 

If you are interested in AI, learning it, news, or etc. I have started a discord very recently (just few days) btw for people learning data science/data engineering and AI and/or AI/ML Engineering, tho not limited to. Most ppl are self teaching it’s not like just university students or anything. If you are interested in learning or have started recently, I am pretty hands on with actively helping people. More than welcome to join or ask questions (better off emailing for that), razer has some of the best laptops besides lambdas tensor book which is literally designed for AI and I am not even sure that’s better than the new blade models honestly. So I know like me there are prob a good few other people here doing the same. Just thought I‘d mention that as having a support community is important, especially for self/non-institutional learners.

***This post rly is about the ram though, I’m pushing like 93% usage right now and that is only going up exponentially quickly as I’m getting into more data/calculation intense aspects of my programs 😅***

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