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Macro tab error on razer synapse

hi, i have a problem on Macro Tab, its fine before but now the tab is error

once i click the tab, the macro tab doesn’t show the macro settings, its only show the macro text on the bottom of synapse, and the macro doesn’t working.

have anyone know how to fix it?


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it was in modules *

i found it as an extra part to add-on  -although it wasn’t listed @ 1 point.  later it was.

unless i missed it -i didn’t see a razer update -weird.  all sorted now. got 3 macro’s

1: 30presses stops [presses are odd timed so not picked up as a macro -by games ^^

2: 30presses [reload key] repeat until pressed to change..


hi.. i’m thunking of re-installing incase then the macro is listed.. as it was there before..  weird broken bad coding!