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Missing screw inside “new” laptop

  • 5 September 2020
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I recently purchased a 2019 Razer 17 Pro from Ebuyer.
Everything seemed good although my temps were a little higher than others had posted online.
Needing more storage I bought a second M2 SSD.
When I opened the back of the laptop it was immediately obvious that there was a screw missing from the vapour chamber.
Has anyone had a similar experience with a new laptop? Or is it likely that the unit I purchased was reconditioned, or previously owned.

Many thanks for your input,

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2 Replies


After getting in touch with Razer to see if this was a warranty issue, and after giving them the details of my purchase was told that as the laptop was bought from Ebuyer which apparently is not one of Razers authorized dealers, that they will not do anything.

I am a little annoyed as the adverts on Ebuyers site clearly show a 1 year manufacturers warranty.
Seems there is little point having serial numbers on products, and allowing you to register them on Razers website (which I did with no warning about the supplier) if the warranty will not be honored.

I have contacted Ebuyer by email, and got an automated response asking me to ring them on Monday (today is Sunday), after I have spoke to them I will update again.

I only just received the laptop, so if needed will try and return and purchase from elsewhere to get the warranty.

Let this serve as a warning to check with Razer if the place you are about to buy from is an authorized dealer, if not the warranty is useless.

Hope this will help someone not to fall into the same situation I am now in.
***UPDATE 2***

Rang Ebuyer this morning and spoke to Adam. After explaining my reasons for wanting to return and how important to me a manufacturers warranty is, he approved my return and talked me through the rest of the returns procedure - he was very helpful and an asset to Ebuyer. 10/10 for customer service!

After looking at other Razer products on Ebuyers website it seems that the mention of a manufacturers warranty on the particular model I bought was a mistake (either in typing or copy paste), but it played a large part in my decision to buy the laptop - and as such I did not receive the product that was advertised.

Once the return is finished and I have received my refund I will update incase anyone is following this thread.