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mouse feet poor durability + your mouse are to small

  • 31 March 2019
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I talked about this with razer support and than told me to not clean mousepad with water, because it will damage threads in mousepad. Only thing they adviced me to clean mouse with with microfiber cloth for glass.
Which i do, i clean my mouse feed and mousepad with microfiber cloth, after each gaming session. Still during gaming, my hands sweat and than appear on mousefeet spots and mouse stick to mousepad. I even cover it during night so dust wont get on my mousepad. Aren't there any better material than teflon ? Teflon is already so old. I don't have money to buy mouse every week or so. Also what people with big hands, i have 19 hand lenght and width 12. My ring finger overeaching and i can't hold mouse in spots, which is meant to, i have death adder and even this big mouse i hold it only with finger tips. I would like to use 67g mouse if i had small hands. Why aren't there mice over 140 mm and 80 + for width. People with large hands are f2cked. And you can't play on 120g and biggest mouse have usually laser, still i tried most width mouse i found and it still was to slim for me. And air conditioner or fan doesn't help, it only takes longer, to sweat destroy mouse and mousepad.

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I didn't even realize anyone's hands can sweat that much. The feet work great for almost everyone so I don't think Razer or any other company would use a different material.
No even if my hands sweat moderately, for example during winter, over timer little time, i can already tell. Even one time if my hands sweat, it is already damaged...
There creates spots from sweat and mouse move is so sluggish. It is so annoying.
No i don't know if you are any good. But pro gamers, have new mouse and mouse pad for every tournaments, they get from sponsors hundreads of them. You can tell, it makes huge difference.
I was top1 masters in sc2 and supreme master class in cs go, so i am not everyone.
And about mouse size, it is ufortunate razer wont bother making large mouse for minority with large hand because they wouldnt make money of it so other people have just bad luck.....
EDIT:next time i am getting corsair ironclaw anyway, it has 130mm per length and 80 width. And razer put fake switches into keyboard, which doesn't leave good impression, they don't care about you, it is only about making money. I didn't like razer much anyway, i just used most large mouse that doesn't weight over 100g