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Multiple computers Single Keyboard/Mouse Functionality

  • 13 March 2023
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Does Razer have anything similar to Logitech’s MX Series where there’s a wireless USB dongle in each PC (up to 3) and you can push a button on the KB/Mouse to switch between them?


I have a unique desk setup due to back issue where this makes my life sooo much easier since having multiple  wired keyboards and mice would not be feasible…. but the Logitech keyboard choices for this are NOT  the greatest. I’d love to have a Razer equivalent for this.  I’ve seen some other posts about KVM switches but this doesn’t quite fit into those scenarios.


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Razer does offer a solution that is similar to Logitech's MX Series, called the Razer Turret. It is a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo that comes with a dedicated wireless USB dongle that allows for up to three simultaneous connections to different devices.

The Razer Turret's wireless connectivity offers a range of up to 40 feet, making it a great option for desk setups that require flexibility and mobility. In addition, the keyboard and mouse are backlit and come with a built-in wrist rest for comfortable use during extended gaming sessions.

While the Razer Turret is marketed as a gaming keyboard and mouse combo, it can certainly be used for everyday productivity tasks as well. It may be worth considering as a potential solution for your unique desk setup needs.