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my hdk keeps falling off.

so, I have a problem-I have my hdk box attached behind my monitor(which is flat), but it keeps falling off about once a day. I don't know, why that happens, considdering that both strips are connected via extenders, so they don't push it down. I've tried to add some duct tape, but I guess I didn't use enough of it. Any ideas of a better way to fix the damn thing in one place?

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I have kind of the same issues.following to see what other people came up with.
that is sad, I came to this thread as i was also having same issue but i guess no solution of it has been given yet
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Same, I just have it resting now on the back of my monitor in the center so it's supported by the monitor stand.
still not getting any solution yet from here mcdvoice
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Just replace the tape with stronger double-side tape 😛 and issue go away.