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Mythic Lighting With Synapse

  • 14 April 2020
  • 3 replies

In my Chroma Studio I have Mythic Lighting however it doesn't do anything. As well as in my Devices. Does Synapse have any compatibility with Mythic Lighting or is there something I have to do to enable it?

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3 Replies

Synapse 3 can sync with partners on synchronizing lightings. E.g. philips huw. MSI Mystic Light SYNC is built with open SDK and thus need compatible devices/app to work. Then you can build the RBG around your PC and compatibles devices thus align all the glowing vibes to your whole gaming setup.
Yeah, however Mythic Lighting is a connected device in Synapse however when I change the color it doesn't change the MB lighting. I can only change it via Dragon Center.
I don't have any issues except synapse not detecting hue sometimes. makes me frustrated.