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no customer service

  • 21 September 2023
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I so obviously there's no customer service!

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Why you think about it that there no customer services?

Nobody's answering my questions. And I noticed in the forms the same thing for a lot of people.

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Hey there, I understand that the wait can be frustrating. Insider is a community platform first. We encourage users to help each other. Our official Support staff do monitor these forums, but if you need immediate assistance your best bet is to go to our Support site.

Even to wait for the response of the community, the support has to response, i see here a lot of unsolved problems. 

I think RAZER don`t a have a staff to observe the forum, I think RAZER handover the support to the gardener of the razer building, thats why we read in the most time PM me and I will forward it.


In my job sometimes I´m also in charge of costumer request, if we wait for other clients to respond, the company will be bancrott and I`m jobless

Yes i need help no bady help me 



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