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No option to disable xhci controller in BIOS RBS

  • 1 February 2019
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Hello guys! I have a question regarding my USB 2.0 MOTU ultralite mk3 hybrid sound card setup. The razer blade stealth 2018 only have usb 3.0 ports and the card glitches a lot because of the controller not being EHCI... How can I solved that? By turning off xhci in BIOS? (no option) The MOTU is the center of my station, this is the brain and it would be a big bummer to not have access to it.

I was planning going on tour with this setup but do I really need to use a macbook pro with a TB3 to TB2 to FW800 adapter? omg what a shame, this card is so awesome.

Is firewire working with this chain of adapters on a RBS? TB3 splitters?

My best chance is by disabling xhci controller but there is no option in the BIOS.
Welp, I'm lost.

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