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please mage mouse for large hands !!!

  • 22 November 2019
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I already tried every mouse shape there is and nothing fits me, i have to long hands, i can't hold mouse in grips, where it is supposed and i can hold it only with finger tips, i have no control and my mouse jumping... Plese make universal mouse for large hands at least like 140/80mm... It sucks, i was supreme master class in cs go and top 1 masters in sc2 and i can't play, because there is no mouse, which fit me. It sucks, i guess no one make large mouse , because it wouldn't see well. Corporations care only about money, but f2ck customers...

Like noone do them, all mice are so tiny, but there must be a lot of people with large hands as well...
Also usualy larger mice are to heavy or laser..

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