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Problem with Kaira Pro's sound

  • 19 March 2022
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Because of this, I had to return my pair of sunglasses that I received as a gift on Friday. When I first linked it to my PS5, I noticed that it started happening in the moments of silence. The only sound I got when I paused a game was a bizarre distorted noise; there was no white noise. Afterwards, the sound started to stutter and stutter.
Has a solution to this ever been discovered by you? As a result, I had to send my old pair back and place an order for a new one on Amazon. It's on its way today. Keeping my fingers crossed.
After reading Rtings review, I got a pair of Kraken V3 Pros to try in place of the Hypersense, however they don't work either. Also, the sound in the left ear cup is really weak. This is a mystery, but I hope Razer is able azar echatrandom to fix it.

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