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Razer Advanced Model 2020 RTX 2070 super max q model, Questions.

I have the 2020 advanced blade 15 2070 super max q model.
Im hoping other people who have bought this laptop have more knowledge about this laptop than me.
If you have any questions that you have , i hope we can share info

My question is.
I am able the adjust the refresh rate, 60, 240 and 300. But i am unable to change it to 144.
Is this computer supposed to be able to do that? Can anyone do that?

Also does anyone know the baseline temperatures for this laptop?
max load?

im getting idle avg around 42-43
max load, 96-100

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I don’t have 2020 model, but why you want to change to 144Hz higher is smoother and for battery life most user I believe use 60Hz.
For Blade laptop long gaming session might spike the temperature on 90ish areas on cpu since it use hot intel cpu but I would like see average not max temperature if you use the Turbo Boost on long session gaming, some titles nowadays stress the cpu more than stress test softwares. However you’ve good idle temperatures, mine 2018 advanced sitting on 50ish idle, for long session I disable turbo boost to keep it cool on 80ish areas, on gaming it doesn’t really need highest cpu frequency and I prefer better thermal.
Fair question, it's not that i would use it, i was just told that i could change it to 144, but i can't.
yeah i agree you, better thermals is the way to go. for long gaming sessions, with my fans on max, i would hit mid 90-95 across most cores, with one or 2 of them hitting 100. i just recently tinkered with throttle stop. and now at full load i get 80-82 full load across all cores, much better temps, and adjust the boost down just a tad,
my idle temperatures are the same around 42-43, depending on ambient temps, maybe as low as 38