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Razer Blade 15 2020 base model battery life lasting 1 hour

  • 18 August 2022
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I have a 2020 Razer Blade Base Model and when I am not connected with the power supply, the battery life is less than 1h, even if I stay at the interface. I can’t believe the battery’s so low.
Do you have any idea why the computer can do that? The computer isn’t even two years old.
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5 Replies

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First thing - how many apps or services are running in the background? They may eat a lot of battery power. 2nd thing - if on battery you're on battery saving mode / balanced mode or the full performance mode?
Good morning,
I have no application in background, I have suspended the majority and only the essentials are in background.
Also, the battery is in optimal mode, but that still doesn’t change anything..
I don’t understand how a computer with a value of +$2,000 has no autonomy..
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You can check if battery is not bulged, because even after 1-2 year of use it should still be in a good condition.
If it's OK - I'd try clean OS install, to be 100% sure, that there are only apps that you need, and without additional junk.
Thanks for your answer. I already clean OS install 2 time.

Am I the only one that the battery life of the computer is less than 1 hour when it is not plugged in ?
I cleaned the computer and deleted all the «junk» apps
Support can help me with this or not ?