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Razer Blade 15 + Core X Chroma + GTX 1080ti Performance Issues

  • 6 September 2019
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I currently have a new mid 2019 Blade 15 with 240hz Display and RTX 2070 and have recently purchased a Razer Core X Chroma for my GTX 1080ti for a graphics boost when I am at home.

I am experiencing heavy performance loss with this 1080ti in the Core X enclosure and I am not sure what the issue is other than the TB3 overheads, which I was told were around 10%. Currently this is performing noticeable worse than my built in dGPU 2070.

I have tried it on just two games at present. Battlefield V and Control.

2070 dGPU –
Control – 60fps
BFV – 70fps

1080ti Razer Core X –
Control – 40fps
BFV – 50fps

Both of these were on the exact same settings on an external 1440p monitor wither plugged into the Core X via a display port cable or into the Blade 15 2070 via a mini display port cable.

As you can see the 1080ti settings are a lot worse than the built in 2070 dGPU and I want to know if I have missed something or need to change any settings. I have tried multiple things including –

  • Updating all drivers
  • Disabling my dGPU via device manager
  • Installing Razer Switch App to disabled the dGPU
  • Tried with and without peripherals plugged into the laptop and / or Core X
  • Uninstalling / reinstalling / updating drivers, thunderbolt settings, the Core X itself, razer programs, etc.

I have ran all games with monitoring software and the CPU have never maxed out, and has only ever seen 70-80% load max and was usually at 60-70%. The GPU on both the 2070 and 1080ti in the core X were both maxed out at 90-100% most of the time. Which leads me to believe that my laptop CPU is not a bottleneck.

Could you please let me know if this is acceptable performance for the Core X considering the GPU that is installed into it.

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It’s because beside TB3 PCIe3x4 lanes Bandwidth pinalty you’re seeing Tb3 undirect traffic to cpu (first goes to pch, unlike ultrabook without dgpu, MacBook and some Alienware laptops that goes straightly to cpu). If you’ve 2070maxq Blade it’s useless using core setting unless you need to run multiple monitor or want big cpu thermal improvement for sharing system heat with egpu enclosure (going straightly to cpu apparently add more stress to cpu from MacBook user and my experience with stealth egpu setting).