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Razer Blade 15 Dual Monitor Connection Questions

  • 23 February 2020
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Hi All,

I have a razer blade 15 2018 1060+144hz 512GB, and I currently connect it to Dell U3417W, a 60hz 3440*1440 ultrawide monitor wide minidisplay port. I just bought another Dell U2518D 25 inch 60 inch 2560*1440 minitor and I want to connect it via another HDMI port in my laptop, but it seems like the monitor itself cannot detect HDML signal.

Is there any setting I need to do? I searched online but doesn't seem to get an answer. Thank you all for answering my question!!

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If you already tried troubleshooting this Dell forum, try the hdmi connection from your old ultrawide or maybe other devices like tv to output Blade screen to check if that’s not your blade io port issue. If you’ve other video source like PS4 or other laptops you can try output it through your new monitor HDMI to double check. If the monitor can’t output HDMI (which’s weird actually imo) you can try using Blade TB3 output to DP using some usb c adapter (dongle) and act as DP connection.