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Razer blade (2015) 970m charging issues

  • 24 November 2019
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When my laptop is plugged in it will frequently switch between 'charging' and 'unplugged’

Has anyone else had this issue and are there any fixes for it? If the issues persist I may change out some components but I doubt that will fix my problem.

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2 Replies

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It’s quite old hardware, it might be the ac adapter, connector or battery (connector or wear) issue. For AC adapter check the green light or if you have watt meter check if it pulls the power from the wall properly, for connection check if the jack house is clean, for the battery wear for the battery check the battery using this, for battery connection open the lid make sure it’s plugged well or free from dust.
is it a laptop plugged in no charging issue? i had that before and could trick windows into charging again by uninstalling the driver, removing battery and rebooting. https://www.wikihow.com/Fix-a-Laptop-That-Is-Not-Charging this might help. Though if im honest if there is an issue with the battery or charger then it will happen frequently. My gigabyte does this occasionally and right now if i ever have the cable unplugged accidently it'll just shut off the laptop without warning , despite windows saying it had charge. That mostly tells me the battery capacity has worn down since its a 5 year old laptop now.