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razer kraken kitty + blackwidow keyboard

  • 21 March 2024
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hey guys, in feb of 2021 i bought the razer kraken kitty (wired) headphones (in black if that makes a difference) and the blackwidow keyboard from the razer site so it wasn’t some shitty dupe.

about a year in, the setup started glitching. the volume would suddenly jump to 100, and keep maxing out no matter how quickly i clicked attempting to lower it. everything would also disconnect and reconnect repeatedly if it wasn’t messing about with the volume. the only fix that would help would be closing all the razer apps and having the ugly basic rgb’s on.

i haven’t been able to tell if its my keyboard or the headphones??? i also couldn’t be bothered to do something with the warranty because it honestly didn’t really bother me that much at the time.

but now, here i am. three years later, and having to close synapse and cortex blah blah blah every time i turn on my pc so that it MAYBE doesn’t glitch and assault my ears.

i update the razer apps every time a new one comes out, i update my audio drivers and pc regularly….. so it can’t be update related.

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Can you try uninstalling the audio driver in Windows? Nothing else I can think of.