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Razer Mask Notes: My View

Good evening everyone,

I bought this mask as I'm not too excited about the pandemic. As both a University student (out on summer) and a tourism worker, I'm happy to have a stealth version of the mask I can wear in public. it's much easier to breathe in this thing that the reusable masks that my company makes me wear and the black definable fits my outfit. I like that its a conversation piece as well. it makes talking to guests easier who play games and it helps with my career by allowing me to build relationships with guests who might be returning. so it's a huge plus from me.

I have noticed that it is razer's recommendation to use it up to 30 washes, sadly as a wage worker and a uni student hoping not to take out student loans, my budget doesn't have much extra room ( i bought this as a treat for myself). while I have read plenty of articles stating that as long as you wash it even after it will still protect you plenty. I understand they put that on there because up to that point it works as advertised and not less due to washes. I will continue to use the mask after as 1. it was expensive due to the razer tax 2. it looks great (note: I have a large head and the medium mask fits me very well) and 3. wearing a mask even if it has been thru the wash 40 times is still better than none.

I wanted to share this stuff as it's my recent experience with one of the razer's new products. while I wish it could be more washes I understand that the gov of Singapore recommends that. I love my mask and I do recommend that if you want one to get it, I can barely notice the sneaks on the stealth unless
I look closely or
I'm in light (I like stealth game stuff) and the green one is quite vibrant no matter where I go.

do I think it could cost less? yes

do I like it? yes

will I wear it probably after the 30 washes (yes I'm aware I'm doing that against their advice)? yes

do I plan to recommend them to friends? kinda... it's very nice but pricey and I wouldn't recommend something too gamery unless I knew they were into that (I'm not but I like the look).

I wanted to just type this out for the people at the razer to hear what a college student/hotel worker might think of it. if they have any questions feel free to chat with me id love to talk more, I use a ton of razer stuff for games and work and id be happy to talk about likes and dislikes!

What do you think of the mask?

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