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  • 18 March 2019
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hello. i plan on getting the Razer phone 2 for my birthday. I'm switching from my iphone . I was just wondering if a new Razer phone will be coming out. If so, i hope a smaller sized version will be released. i don't plan on playing games on it. I just like it because i like Razer products. I am a proud owner of the Razer Blade 15

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2 Replies

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It's REALLY hard to get information like that here on Razer Insider (or anywhere, excepting the accidental leak here and there). The official Razer Community folks really like to be the ones to announce new product in their special way, if you know what I mean.

You'll find speculation and predictions from non-Razer staff everywhere. Sometimes they're on the nose, and sometimes way off. Without an official announcement, there's no real way to know, so your best bet is to do as much research as you can to make sure that if you DO happen to miss out on a newer phone by a small amount of time, you'll still be happy with your purchase.

Your only other recourse is to hold on to that cheese and wait until a newer phone actually DOES come out before you buy anything, and be one of the first to order.

Sorry I can't be more help on this.
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If i must gess i dont think we see new version of razer phone 2 for few month's 😛 Why becose somewhere end of last year the razer phone was relesed.