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Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

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Hey Insiders,

A gamer isn't a gamer without games. And often times, a gamer is only as good as the hardware they're playing on. Between looking for the best mouse to click heads on, or deciding which game to contribute toward your 80 million keystrokes, we want Insider to be the place you come to on your journey.

Insider's heart and soul is the community and in an effort to drive community conversations around gaming with Razer we've added a few new achievements for those that stand out and contribute to the community. We've also done some house cleaning and gotten rid of outdated achievements as well.

We've upped the amount of Silver awarded when Razer staff recognize you as a standout citizen. Razer staff includes anyone with the Official Staff flair and our incredible Customer Advocacy team.

Opening up Insider to be a platform to discuss newsworthy articles and having in-depth discussions regarding how events that happen in the industry impact us as gamers has been a long time goal. Insiders are highly encouraged to share news as it happens. The better curated and impactful the news, editorial or review, the better the chances of it being recognized by us and the community. On top of that, those that interact with newsworthy threads with thoughtful and insightful responses are open to receiving Silver as well. Compose your threads with great care. Avoid duplicate subjects and save the spam for musubi.

For the creative types, cool Razer themed memes and fun content is always welcome. Just remember to keep the memes positive, clean and within the House Rules.

Lastly, for those die-hard fans that live to defend the brand. Show us your battles. Not in-game battles, but IRL ones where you combat trolls, diffuse haters and destroy toxic reviews. Noble, well fought battles may gain glory. And remember to always fight with honor.

Visit this thread to get more information on the achievements you can earn on Insider.


Contributions are not guaranteed to net rewards and begging is strictly prohibited. House Rules apply.

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Great update, hopefully we see more engaging topics here apart from the plethora of support related threads.
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This reply deserves some Razer Silver. 😉
This is cool! Will support it!
Cool, cool, cool, cool, noice!
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Hmm... Interesting. Is that great content rewards still running too? Where posts are rewarded with zSilver by staff?
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Clap HD
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To keep a forum alive in days like this when people are hanging on social medias it is really hard.I think rewards/achievments is one way but content and publicity is more effective.
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I certainly hope this forum will go in the direction mentioned in the first post, and not so much of the way of support forum. I mean, it's cool that you can open topic and someone will help you, but I would want more gaming related topics.
Sweet, hopefully we can actually earn enough in a 12 month period to claim some of the more expensive rewards. (>200k zSilver)
Nice, I like it.:wink_:
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This is really a good initiative to motivate the community here. Hopefully we will start seeing some good stuff going around soon. :smile_:
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What section do we place memes? 😃
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Wow this is quite a motivational post, i like it. I'd love for this forum to feel just like a social network and not only for complaints and support. I think this initiative is good and will have a good impact too. GG!
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Thats a great news.
I like spending time arguing and talking with Razer's fans and staff.
This will not change that but it'll be more productive in my neverending quest for Zsilvers.🆒
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Is that great content rewards still running too? Where posts are rewarded with zSilver by staff?

Yep! This is an extension of that!

TLDR: share/engage/contribute great stuff on Insider; get rewarded!

Sweet, hopefully we can actually earn enough in a 12 month period to claim some of the more expensive rewards. (>200k zSilver)

It goes both ways! Hopefully we get a lot of great contributions to get people there. It's a win-win!

Any one of you can earn Silver in this thread by simply making a great comment.
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Have a vote system to vote for ways to earn extra zsilver for a particular month. 🙂
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I write about combine two platforms together from what is in this topic everything is going forward in great direction. Now time only show how this expend 🙂 on forum was hard to earn zsilver and new opeople have a very big issue to earn anything and most people who use cortex or synapse and dont know about zsilver have for some time windows with few usfull info what is it and how to earn it now this expend to forum trasform it to be a more a reward system for active people (spamming is bad ^^) I hope we see more changes like this in future becose last change when you earn zsilver just when you buy razer gear from store is amazing idea you can get new hardwere and earn vitual point for something else. Great work in few sords.
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Let's the journey begins! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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Nice work !
Creaticity, disscusion and wrirting skills can be payed only by Razer.

Good Job!:wink_:
Personally, I found out about RAZER from the first peripheral update to PC Building Simulator. Since then, I've been researching and checking for deals but I don't think I'm getting anywhere with that unless I get it from the official store. But hey, if it makes any of you feel better, despite the high prices, I can justify it based on specs. If it's got good specs, it's price can be justified.
Great update, really appreciate the efforts put by Razer staff.
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More stuff to be rewarded for, that's great. I wonder how many people will get into it?
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This all makes sense wish all posts were this clear
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active RAZER member
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glad to be apart of this!