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Razer Software Feedback and Support

  • 23 September 2020
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Hello everyone,,
I recently had some problem with Razer Cortex.... the program no longer respond. I sent an error report to the support and I tyoe in French cause its my first language (i'm not very good in english). The day after i got a message from support, they ask me to re-submit my crash repport in English because they are currently only able to work with submissions in English. ( That does not bother me and I understand they cant have multi-language support at the moment) . I saw the mail 2 after and they already re-raise me https://speedtest.vet/. I re-submit my crash repport in English. The day after they told me what I have to do for solving my problem and reply them if that work. I reply them that that solution solved my problem. I got an other mail for thanking me for writing them. Honnestly I never saw a support service like that its really awesome. I'm already sold to Razer but now its worst!

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2 Replies

I think Razer has made strides over the years to improve their customer service. Sometimes people who complain about bad customer service are not telling you the whole story.
I got sufficient information from your soul of heart. Thank you so much MyAARPMedicare