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Razer Synapse Feature PC Monitor

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Hi insider, most of you here are Razer Warriors, HURAAAAAA !!!
and some here just hang out, i know we're cool xD
Most of you here already own Razer Hardwere and own either Razer Blade or Build your own PC. And I'm sure one way or another you need to look at your PC Temp or just to monitor your PC, but in order for you to do that, you have to download 3rd party software to fulfill your desire :3 I'm thinking what if Razer adds one feature to monitor your PC, that would be cool right?

Or maybe you have something else in mind. You can add more ideas here to make Synapse better. Who knows, they might see our post and consider it

I love using Razer from Hardware and Software im just thinking that why do you need another Software if you can Rule them all xD

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