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Razer Wallpaper

  • 6 January 2019
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So i want to ask if it is normal that my Razer Blade 15.6" 2018 ( 512SSD & GTX 1070 Max-Q ) come with a razer wallpaper without the razer logo? I've checked all of the specs and done registering to the razer app, but the only thing that im not sure is why mine come originally without a razer logo wallpaper. Thankyou for all of the answer and sorry for the not so good english.

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2 Replies

Not really sure why it came without a wallpaper...
But here are the wallpapers in case you want them!
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On mine and I think most of users comes with prism wallpapers with Razer logo out of box, some want that wallpaper without Razer logo.