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Real Fix for Double Click Mouse Problem

  • 10 May 2020
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Double Click is a very bad, widespread problem affecting all Razer Mouse
The Solution is simple

Windows Settings > Devices > Mouse > "Additional Mouse Options"

Look for "Double-click speed" and set it to "Fast"

As simple as that.... Double Click Problem Solved

If this Solution doesn't work, you probably have a bad Switch. As we all know by now... below the overpriced, over-hyped fancy design. Razer uses very low quality, cheap hardware in their products.

Its also amazing how Razer Support can be so extremely bad... they will waste your time with pointless, useless troubleshooting like Reinstalling Synapse, Drivers, Firmware, Trying different USB ports... none of that works, its just a complete waste of time.

Razer simply doesn't care about the frustration of thousands and thousands of users, they will never acknowledge there is a BIG Problem with a whole line of their products, and will never ever help fix it... even if its hurting their brand reputation really bad and most users are going to buy another mouse brand

So I hope this post could help someone avoid all the frustration, time lost and even trashing their perfectly working very expensive mouse
For sure I was just minutes away of throwing my Mamba Wireless to the garbage


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It's a workaround for a problem, not a real fix.
Real fix is mouse switch replacement.
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What's this? Someone who rightfully calls out razer for their trashy customer support and bad price-to performance???

*insert snide remark about how I love razer products b/c they never fail me and they've been holding up for years*

lol dude reset lemme follow you man, you speaking straight facts

in all honestly im not sure why you're ranting on a site that's basically the razer version of reddit.

there really are a lot of frustrated razer out there my man. I mean a lot of razer fanboys/fangirls have this obsession of "brand loyalty" with razer. I mean why tho? a lot of razer products make you spend an extra 1 or 2 dozen for what amounts to basically a logo and a brand you can brag about.

I'm still gonna buy the razer deathadder elite because it's a popular esports pick. no doubt pros get sponsored for using it but pros do not use bad mice. ever. buying the mice is kinda the reason why im commenting in this thread.

I don't think razer has low quality products. their stuff is stuff a lot of people can be proud of, but the prices certainly wouldn't be this high without the idea of brand loyalty. that's what I blame for the weird price to performance ratio

don't let the razer fanboys get 2 you.