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Response to the common scroll wheel, scroll button defect from Viper mini, Viper Ambidextrous mouse

  • 10 July 2021
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Hello Razer,

Wanted to know if there was any update to the products addressing the big issues of scroll wheel that has plagued the Viper line up.

I being one of those individuals who've had to return 1 Razer Viper mini because of scroll button and wheel issues. While scrolling down, sometimes, it'd just not scroll for the desired length. Scroll button would allow a click, but click would NOT register. I also have mousotron data if you need for the duration respectively.

The same problem persists within Razer Viper (Ambi) based on the reviews of some local users in my country who'd had to send them back to retailer.

Is the main problem the Wheel Encoder that is used in both models?
As per my research based on various sites, the encoder used on the Viper mini is Kailh Black 9mm. Surprisingly, there isn't any Kailh black 9mm as per the CEN98 encoders on Kailh dot com. There is a red one. And they are only 200,000 cycles lifetime. But as per Beardedbob's video measurement, it is a Kailh and measures 9mm. Given there are 24 steps in the scroll wheel per cycle, it should last for a very long time even though other encoders like the TTC white are rated at 1 Million cycles.

But I could only scroll for just above 25,971 cycles in 2 and a half months.

My Viper mini had scroll wheel defect after just the second month..... And I'm not alone.

My Viper mini's serial number included PM2042. That had the V2 optical switches I presume. No matter how much more or less clicky, this part of the mouse seems like bullet proof, but if there's another part of the mouse which is just bad, the whole mouse needs to be returned and that is unwanted by both buyer and seller (Razer). Costs more to send the mouse back than to put a better encoder!

Is there any steps you guys have taken to address this issue? I'm due to buying a Viper mini again soon, HOPING, that your latest batch, at least from 2021 March will have better build quality.

But ofc, there are some other mice I might be tempted to acquire. But that will upset me a little because I'm looking forward to buying another Razer. There are Minis with production date of 16th week of 2021. No idea whether these units have any significant improvement or the same old.

Another question I have is regarding the Viper Ambidextrous.
I can purchase 1 right now at a local shop with PM 2034. This is the mouse created BEFORE Razer-Right's last reddit update on Razer taking incremental improvements on newer batches when they see fit.

Idk if the PM2034 already includes the updates addressing the Scroll wheel defects of Viper-Ambi. Unfortunately, I was unable to identify the model number of the encoder for the Viper Ambi, even though it's one of the Kailh EN8080 versions.

Not dissing or anything, please don't misunderstand. Just a post asking what Razer's actions have been regarding these defects with their mice. Since there has been a HUGE amount of Viper minis sold in my country, there's also been a massive number of returns too.
*For both English only boxes and English-Chinese boxes. Both of which I presume are made by Primax.

Eagerly waiting for a response. This does seem like a RANT and it is but it is a passionate rant. Never been a fan of Razer in the past but after their Optical switch introduction, have tried to fall in love with them. Hope to remain in that bubble.

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