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  • 20 April 2020
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I am having a smooth brain moment but how do take a screenshot on a razer blade base model?
im stumped

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strg + F12

or US Layout ctrl + F12
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Windows 10 also has a built in snipping tool: shift+win+S.

Also, lightshot is a great printscreen mod. When you prtsn something it'll give you extra options.
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If you have multimedia keys set in synapse, you might have to hold the "fn" key to enable the default windows print screen function (f12).

I personally use GreenShot ( it mimics the functions of MacOS' far superior (imo) screenshot methods. Similar to lightshot like @Dekades recommended but it only shoots screenshots and nothing more.

If you want tons of functions (and the ability to record video and manage your screenshots) check out Share X ( It's jam packed full of features, some of them seem non essential but it's pretty powerful if you need certain functions.