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Some questions about Razer Blade 16

  • 7 March 2023
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Hi everyone, I just bought my first razer blade 16, and I got some questions about this laptop…….

I have been using this laptop for like 3 days, here are some issues I met so far

Issue 1:
Is that normal that I can hear a sound like a engine is starting when fan speed changes? Especially at low fan speed.

Here is the link of the sound I recorded:

You can hear this sound at the beginning and the middle of this video.

This sound is very noticeable in a quiet environment and I find it annoying.


Issue 2:
When I'm browsing web, the screen just freeze, but my mouse could move, clicking does not have any response. After like 30-60 seconds, the whole scrren will go black, and I have to restart.

Here is the record of this issue:

I applied this update, will this update fix this?*1wzbrs*_ga*MjE0MTIxNDAzNy4xNjc4MjEzODQz*_ga_3TRK53PM75*MTY3ODIxMzg0Mi4xLjEuMTY3ODIxMzg1OS40My4wLjA.

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