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SUGGESTION | Telemerty-Diagram inside of Synapse 3

  • 29 January 2024
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Hello Community,


I want to take a quick dive into telemetry-ideas for analyses of your battery-health f.e. - there’s much more to explore this way


I got the DeathStalker V2 Pro and currently I’m on the Battery-Training, to gain the most possible capacity.

There was the idea born, to have some sort of telemetry in Synapse 3 implemented, which is able to show f.e. recharge cycles in hrs as well as “since last recharge, you made 10.000 key-hits” for example.

You can inspect the health of the battery this way, if you can see the decreasement of lifetime, from cycle to cycle. I have to write it down by myself and I have to use a stopwatch app to get usable data.


I think that it would be great to have it implemented into Synapse 3.









Maybe in a diagram with All-Time stats, Last-Week, This-Month and so on.

I guess this could also enrich the product-science for Razer, if we can share this informations.


It’s up to you now - if you like it, then help to get attention onto this thread.


-peace, ReaperKing


PS: Yes, it’s nearby Copy+Paste out of another section. (Keyboards)

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